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Security flaw in Samba: SerNet packages not affected

Today the Samba team issued a news posting about a  security issue in Samba. The packages provided by SerNet are not affected by this vulnerability.

Even though an update is not necessare by security reasons SerNet still recommends to update Samba to latest release.

SAMBA, 2010

Call for Paper: samba eXPerience 2010

From May 3rd to 7th 2010 developers and users will meet again in Goettingen, Germany at the ninth international Samba conference, the "samba eXPerience 2010".

The sambaXP is the leading event with focus on the most important free alternative to proprietary SMB/CIFS servers.

The call for papers and early bird registration are open until January 31st 2010. Please find all necessary information at the conference site:


For detailled indormation about the conference topics refer to the section"Call for Papers" on the website.

Before the conference, there will be a tutorial about clustering with Samba.

The sambaXP week will start on Monday with a two day advanced workshop in English for those who want to upgrade their Samba knowledge.

Chairman of the sambaXP is again John Terpstra, early Samba Team member and well known author regarding Samba and related fields.

The conference is kindly supported by our sponsors GOOGLE and INTEL.

About SAMBA:
Samba is an Open Source/Free Software suite that provides seamless file and print services to SMB/CIFS clients. Samba is freely available under the GNU General Public License, see www.samba.org.

About SerNet:
SerNet is the leading european samba supporter, see www.sernet.de.

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SAMBA, 2010