Wifi - wireless networks, secure and fast

SerNet builds Wifi networks for customers all over Germany. This can target a big event location with a lot of topological complications or a small but very secure "guest network" - SerNet delivers powerful and expandable solutions.

"If you buy cheap you buy twice." This rule is absolutely true if it comes to wireless equipment and this is why SerNet does not work with home office Fritz!Box solutions but offers a wide range of performant devices for various scenarios in close partnership with LANCOM.

SerNet's references for Wifi installations come from hotels, industrial plants, office buildings, small but very secure guest network situations and more, eg:

  • Wifi equipment and installations for several hotels including internet access management.
  • High end radio networks for executive offices and meeting rooms.
  • Wireless network for production plants including perimeter protection and access control.
  • Wifi with high performant roaming capabilities for friction less transit between radio cells.

We will love to send additional information about our products and services!

Just give us a call or send an email to sales@remove-this.sernet.com:
Christian Börker, Nadine Dreymann, Willem Rothe und Andrea Schell.

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