Sophos XG - Next Generation Firewalls

In 2001 SOPHOS acquired the German firewall vendor Astaro and offers their successful firewall solutions as SOPHOS UTM until today. This solution is no longer state of the art and with SOPHOS XG the first next-generation firewall appeared in SOPHOS' portfolio.

The firewall SOPHOS XG can be integrated in a multi-tier setup sernet.DMZ or as one-tier firewall sernet.GATE.

Integration in SerNet's firewall concepts

In a typical sernet.DMZ setup a firewall from SOPHOS is configured as the internal firewall. An external packet filter based on a Cisco firewall or OpenBSD appliance protects the whole DMZ from the internet. The internal firewall works on several levels:

Traffic on TCP level is analyzed by a packet filter but can be assigned to different users on the higher session level and therefore controlled with a role and rights management. Even secured SSL connections may be intercepted to apply content filtering that otherwise would stay blind on encrypted data.

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