All in one - secure and inexpensive

The SerNet firewall solution "sernet.GATE" is a one-level firewall solution to be used on DSL lines, even without a fixed IP address. Despite integration of many properties in one device it fulfils the standards of BSI basic protection and works by connecting a secure Linux basis and selected services in the SerNet data centre:

  • Firewall for operation with DSL
  • Proxy server with blocking functions
  • incl. anti-virus solution (HTTP, FTP, e-mail)
  • Receiving and sending e-mails via a central gateway
  • Multi-level anti-spam solution according to German data protection standards
  • VPN access to the intranet from the Internet
  • No duplication of e-mail account administration locally and by the provider
  • Any number of locally set up and administered user accounts
  • Any number of e-mail distribution lists
  • Integration of several anti-virus systems

The SerNet e-mail gateway is a proven solution used by many customers. Maybe it's the right solution for you too. Just ask us.

SerNet callback? (Kopie 1)

SerNet callback?